Jimmy Kimmel adds up everyone Donald Trump has never met

Jimmy Kimmel noticed that President Donald Trump has never met more people than anyone.

As a businessman, reality television star, and world leader, President Donald Trump has met a lot of people. He can be forgiven for not recalling every single interaction or name. But as Jimmy Kimmel suggested, that memory can be very, very selective for President Trump.

President Trump is currently in Great Britain for a meeting of NATO nations. Anytime the President is on the world stage, he attracts the attention of late night hosts like Jimmy Kimmel.

And when President Trump is abroad, he often must answer questions from international reporters. These journalists can often have a much different approach than those back home who are used to taking abuse from President Trump and are careful not to risk losing access to the White House.

So while in England, President Trump was asked to comment on Prince Andrew stepping down from his public duties due to his alleged involvement with Jeffery Epstein. As Kimmel points out, President Trump was quick to state he did not know Prince Andrew despite photographs telling a different story.

Obviously a handful of photos doesn’t mean that Donald Trump and Prince Andrew were close or friends. But it does mean that President Trump knows Prince Andrew and therefore shouldn’t be suggesting otherwise.

It was the latest example in a long pattern of denial exhibited by President Trump. Kimmel offers a supercut of every “I don’t know him” and “I never met them” that has been delivered since President Trump began running for office.

It is also another example of President Trump assuming that nobody will fact check his statements or look to recorded evidence that contradicts what he says. This has been a common theme in late night and a sticking point that multiple comedians have hammered the President about in recent years.

Kimmel also continued to be late night’s official Trump Tweet counter. Jimmy Kimmel Live! has stood out for its willingness to go through multiple tweets and retweets sent by @realdonaldtrump rather than handpick one or two to support a monologue. It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it.

The impeachment inquiry is still in full swing and more evidence is being gathered. It’s likely that President Donald Trump will once again have to answer for his relationship with certain individuals involved in the Ukraine scandal. Jimmy Kimmel may have a few more clips for his “I don’t know him” highlight reel.