Seth Meyers: Trump is having a meltdown after White House confesses to corruption

Late Night with Seth Meyers used “A Closer Look” to examine President Donald Trump’s reaction to the backlash against White House abuses of power.

Late Night with Seth Meyers picked the wrong time to take a break last week. President Donald Trump had a difficult few days, complete with meltdowns both in front of cameras and on Twitter. The good news is that he was back at it again over the weekend, giving Seth Meyers the inspiration for another edition of “A Closer Look.”

Late Night‘s week off meant that Jimmy Kimmel Live! was doing most of the heavy lifting when it came to tracking Trump. The ABC show did an excellent job of covering Team Trump as the Ukraine scandal took more twists and turns.

But with President Trump, there is plenty of material to go around when late night is on its regular schedule. The return of Late Night with Seth Meyers came following more controversy including Trump’s efforts to get the G7 summit held at his Doral golf resort. That, along with the fallout from acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney’s admission to a quid pro quo with Ukraine, led to a stressful weekend for President Trump.

“Meltdown” has been used more and more often to describe President Trump’s response to any sort of backlash. Jimmy Kimmel used the term as did Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. We can now add Seth Meyers to that list after he kicked off Monday night’s “A Closer Look” by calling out another Trump meltdown.

Right out of the gates, Seth Meyers says the President has lost his mind. That is usually the basis for any edition of “A Closer Look” these days. The Late Night host advises his audience to always assume that President Trump is crazy when listening to him speak.

With that being said, the goal of “A Closer Look” has become to figure out why President Trump is acting insane. For Meyers, the cause is usually self-inflicted by Trump or by those people surrounding and advising him.

Among those is acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney. Mulvaney’s press conference caused more headaches for the White House as he basically conceded to a quid pro quo with Ukraine and told everyone to “get over it.” Trump tried to defend the phone call, or letter as he called it, but it is another excuse that Meyers isn’t buying.

Next, Meyers mocked Trump for trying to defend his decision to hold the next G7 summit at his Doral golf resort in Florida. Attacking President Barack Obama and comparing himself to George Washington wasn’t exactly a strong strategy according to Meyers.

Meyers has always called out President Trump for enriching himself while in office. Holding the G7 summit at Doral would have been more of the same and Meyers makes a point to criticize both Trump and Mulvaney for acting as if it would all be above board.

Seth Meyers concludes that the real reason behind all of President Donald Trump’s meltdowns is that he finally being held accountable. Whether or not that leads to any convictions or arrests is a different question for a different edition of “A Closer Look.”