Jimmy Kimmel analyzes President Trump’s awkward visit to Argentina


President Donald Trump was on the world stage once again at the G20 summit in Argentina. And once again he continued an awkward trend that has caught Jimmy Kimmel’s attention.

Plenty of people are uneasy standing in front of a large group. It’s common to feel a little self-conscious or awkward when a lot of people are staring at you, ready to analyze every word or movement you make. But for the uber-confident President Trump, you’d think that’s not an issue. Yet as Jimmy Kimmel pointed out, it’s becoming a trend for the president.

The president’s “America first” policies have heightened the attention on his adventures abroad. Few countries would claim to have a strong relationship with President Trump. Those countries Trump claims to get along famously with aren’t exactly your traditional American allies.

So perhaps there was some added pressure on President Trump in Argentina during a meeting of the G20 countries. And that pressure may have manifested itself into some awkwardness when the president took to the stage. Here’s Jimmy Kimmel breaking it all down:

Some might consider this nitpicking on Trump by calling out even the tiniest of misteps. That wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for Kimmel who has gone after the First Lady, the Trump sons, and just about anything else the president has done.

Yet regardless of your political views, there is no denying the entertainment factor of watching the president wander from side to side so often. Whether you cringe at second-hand embarrassment or laugh out loud at it, it is common with Trump.

Trump’s mental competency is called into question often especially in late night. And we get more of that from Kimmel by comparing Trump to a grandpa walking into a stranger’s wedding. But what makes these awkward exchanges so funny is more because of how they contradict with Trump’s self-perception.

He fancies himself an alpha male and a great negotiator. Someone who takes command of a room. But if he doesn’t get the reception he wants? Then it’s “get me out of here.” Or if he’s in a room full of people there to see him, he comes off as the only guy who has no clue what he’s supposed to do. Isn’t it safe to assume that the president is told everything that will happen at these types of events?

This video, like anything else, will be used by both sides to prove their point. Trump supporters will say that Trump is only worried about the U.S. as he should be and doesn’t have time for pomp and circumstance. Critics like Jimmy Kimmel will point out that Trump has lost it and isn’t fit for office. No matter how you spin it, it’s more embarrassment and awkwardness for us all.