Jimmy Kimmel fires back after Trump campaign demands a retraction


President Donald Trump’s campaign set it sights on Jimmy Kimmel, demanding that the late night host retract comments from an earlier show.

President Donald Trump has a lot on his plate right now. He is the subject of an impeachment inquiry, is losing public support, and is seemingly having meltdown after meltdown in the White House. Late night shows have always been a thorn in Trump’s side and we now have a new chapter in that saga thanks to Jimmy Kimmel.

President Trump has not hesitated to voice his displeasure with late night television and what he considers an unfair portrayal of his presidency. He’s gone after Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, and all of Saturday Night Live.

Trump’s allies and supporters have also been caught up in defending the President against comedians. Just one example would be Donald Trump, Jr., who has had his fair share of back-and-forths with Jimmy Kimmel.

Late night comedians like Kimmel have been building their monologues off of Trump’s words and actions for years now. Earlier this week, Jimmy Kimmel Live! covered the details of the U.S. military raid that killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Kimmel relayed a report that President Trump was golfing during the raid. Kimmel’s jokes and the accuracy of that information led to the Trump campaign demanding a retraction from Kimmel.

Kimmel has no problem admitting that he was working off false information. A Washington Post report corrected the timeline. The truth is that Trump was golfing on the day of the raid but not while the operation took place. Team Trump may have though they had Kimmel in a “gotcha” moment but the comedian doesn’t seem all that bothered by it.

Instead, Kimmel decides to be fair and acknowledge that the information he used was wrong. He also uses the chance to take a dig at Trump’s golf game, which may or may not have held up the raid but definitely continue to cost taxpayers money.

With fair being fair, the late night comedian then asks for a similar concession from Trump. Kimmel reminds his audience that Trump previously claimed that Kimmel waited for him outside his studio and even opened the door for the reality star turned president.

Kimmel turns from amused to attack mode before destroying the President over this story. Releasing his own timeline of events was a nice touch but the only thing better would have been security footage of Trump’s arrival. All in all, it’s another lie in the growing list that Kimmel has been tracking.

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It may not be a great idea for President Donald Trump and his staff to start going after late night hosts for individual lines or jokes. Especially when the question is over what is true and what is a lie. Jimmy Kimmel just proved that strategy won’t end well for Team Trump.