Jimmy Kimmel Live comes to primetime ahead of the NBA Finals tonight

Once again Jimmy Kimmel Live! will help kick off the NBA Finals with a primetime special.

The NBA Finals are finally here. The Toronto Raptors and Golden State Warriors tip off in Game 1 tonight in Toronto. The game will be broadcast on ABC meaning that once again Jimmy Kimmel Live! will have a primetime special.

It has been a yearly tradition for Jimmy Kimmel to help start the festivities surrounding the NBA Finals. His half-hour specials before the game typically feature basketball stars from the past and present.

This year will be no different. Kimmel tweeted out a sneak peek at the latest edition of “NBA Mean Tweets.” It features Chris Bosh, Bradley Beal, and others. Check it out below:

If you’re a big basketball fan then you probably know that NBA Twitter is a crazy place. Fans don’t hold back when it comes to sharing their thoughts on games, teams, and players. It can be the source of some pretty creative insults and memes so Kimmel definitely had plenty of material to sort through for “Mean Tweets.”

Another big part of Kimmel’s NBA Finals coverage has been sending out his security guard and sidekick Guillermo as a correspondent. Nobody covers the big sporting events like Guillermo, whether it is the Finals or the Super Bowl.

But things will be a little different this year for Guillermo. For the first time in eight years, there will be no LeBron James in the Finals. It’s not like James was a big fan of Guillermo anyway but the security guard’s efforts to get the superstar’s attention was always entertaining.

The Jimmy Kimmel Live! primetime special airs tonight at 8:00 PM ET on ABC. It will be a half hour show before Kimmel turns things over to coverage of the game. You can then catch a regular episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! at 11:35. The exact time the show starts will depend on how long the Raptors/Warriors game runs.

Jimmy Kimmel has a pretty good lineup in store for his normal show. Comedian and actor Zach Galifianakis, California Senator Nancy Pelosi, and Alessia Cara are the guests. Enjoy the double dose of Kimmel tonight and be sure to check back with Last Night On for all the highlights.