Jimmy Kimmel Live: Guillermo asks the tough questions at the Super Bowl

Guillermo Rodriguez from Jimmy Kimmel Live! (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Guillermo Rodriguez from Jimmy Kimmel Live! (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /

Once again Guillermo made his mark on media day at the Super Bowl and proved his the best correspondent in late night.

The Super Bowl has become one of the biggest spectacles not just in sports but in the wider pop culture. Such events attract a lot of media attention and correspondents from all different outlets. Nobody covers the big events like Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s Guillermo and the Super Bowl is no different.

Guillermo has popped up at every major award shows and sporting events for a while now. We’ve seen him cover the NBA Finals and the Oscars. Among a sea of reporters asking the same questions, Guillermo always brings an enjoyable level of ridiculousness to wherever he goes.

In recent years the Super Bowl media day has been catching up to Guillermo. More and more characters show up looking to make a splash in any way possible. It has become a circus that attracts all kinds and ultimately does little to cover the actual game.

The players and coaches have certainly become aware of this fact. They know to expect a certain level of absurdity and clearly have been trained on how to best handle everything coming their way. So with the craziness ramping up each year, it’s even more impressive that Guillermo continues to be a must-see part of every Super Bowl media day.

You can tell which players are uneasy about interacting with Guillermo. Again, that may be from the media coaching they received before the night on how to avoid saying anything controversial. The New England Patriots players seem a little more comfortable considering this is the third Super Bowl many have played in since 2015.

That is part of the reason Guillermo feels like he’s built a special relationship with Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Last year, Guillermo talked with Brady about his cookbook and his supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen. This year it was more cookbook talk and the Jimmy Kimmel Live sidekick even got an autograph out of it.

Guillermo’s relationship with Patriots coach Bill Belichick is even getting better. Past years have seen Belichick not even entertain Guillermo’s jokes or comments. But this year, a more relaxed Belichick accepted a poncho gift so maybe things are looking up for a friendship to develop.

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It is clear that Guillermo has a better relationship with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick than he does with LeBron James. The NBA superstar has avoided the late night correspondent at every NBA Finals Guillermo has visited. James may change his mind if he sees Guillermo’s mustache bring Jared Goff and the Rams good luck on Super Bowl Sunday.