Shaq and other NBA stars read mean tweets on Kimmel

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On last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, the show’s fifth Mean Tweets – NBA Edition had Shaq, DeAndre Jordan, and other pro players getting roasted.

If you’re always looking forward to the next Mean Tweets bit on Jimmy Kimmel Live, then fortunately, we’ve got the newest one!

Last night on Kimmel’s show, Mean Tweets – NBA Editions #5 aired. It features many NBA stars, some of them current and others retired. So we see a variety of basketball stars from Shaq and Magic Johnson to DeAndre Jordan and Zach LaVine.

Each of the basketball players take turns reading some of the most vile tweets sent to them on Twitter. There’s something about having the star reading it and laughing that just makes it funny. But not every one of them sees the humor in it, as you’ll see when Karl Malone has his turn.

My favorite one of this bunch has to be Caron Butler’s. In a tweet sent to him, a user writes, “If you look up the word douche in the dictionary you’ll see a picture of Hitler, but in that picture he’s holding up a photo of Caron Butler.” Hey, at least they put effort into that one, although Butler is hardly amused.

You can watch the entire segment in the YouTube video below.

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The Mean Tweets segments on Kimmel’s show have long been one of the show’s funniest aspects. Nobody is safe from the trolls on Twitter. But it’s hilarious to see celebs being good sports about it. Usually, anyway. Let’s not forget Karl Malone’s reaction.

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