Game of Thrones explained: Jimmy Kimmel has the answers for confused fans


If you’re confused by Game of Thrones then you’ll want to check out Jimmy Kimmel’s solution.

Game of Thrones is now halfway through its eighth and final season. That means that plenty of characters and story lines are reaching conclusions which can be confusing for fans to keep safe. Jimmy Kimmel may have found the perfect solution for that problem.

It is no secret that Jimmy Kimmel is a huge fan of Game of Thrones. His interviews with the stars of the show are always entertaining and typically feature Kimmel trying his best to get a spoiler or hint out of it.

Kimmel is like a lot of other GoT fans in that he struggles to keep track of every little detail and each character’s story. Considering the time between seasons and just how big the cast is, it is reasonable that Kimmel and other fans can have a question or two after each episode.

So who better to answer those questions than the cast members themselves? That’s what everyone over at Jimmy Kimmel Live! figured and came up with “Game of Phones.”

This is part two of “Game of Phones” from Jimmy Kimmel Live! and once again it delivers. It is clear that the cast of Game of Thrones don’t take themselves too seriously or the show, even if the fans do.

And just like the first version of this bit, the real credit goes to the detail and Easter eggs hidden in each cast member’s cubicle. We see Isaac Hempstead Wright with a box of “Raven Bran” on his desk. Liam Cunningham is not only surrounded by onions but has a small stag on his desk, a reference to his time with House Baratheon.

If the lines at “Game of Phones” are busy then you’ll want to turn to our friends over at Winter Is Coming for all the best Game of Thrones news and analysis on the internet. Don’t worry, it’s much friendlier over there.

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Game of Thrones only has three episode left in the entire series. Even so, we probably haven’t seen the last of the cast on late night to help promote the show. Jimmy Kimmel especially will have a lot to say over the next few weeks so keep checking back with Last Night On for all the highlights.