Guillermo attends Super Bowl Media Night


Jimmy Kimmel Live! sent Guillermo to Houston for Super Bowl LI and had him to talk players on both teams during Super Bowl Media Night.

Super Bowl Media Night is known every year for having all kinds of media members show up to ask some of the weirdest questions possible. Fortunately for us, Jimmy Kimmel Live! cast member Guillermo got to go to Super Bowl LI in Houston this year, and it was fantastic.

On Wednesday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the crew put together video of Guillermo at Super Bowl Media Night. While he’s not the biggest NFL fan, Guillermo went around asking players on both the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots some strange questions.

Some of the highlights of Guillermo’s trip to Houston were calling Michael Irvin and NFL Network “fake news”, asking players to sign his “football”, telling Patriots head coach Bill Belichick that he has a wonderful smile and asking a bunch of New England players what Tom Brady smells like.

You can watch Guillermo’s trip to Super Bowl Media Night in the YouTube video below.

The best part about Guillermo’s trip was that although a good amount of the players and coaches knew who he was, there were a handful of others who had no idea who he was, and they didn’t seem too amused with his questions.

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Guillermo is always funny, but this might have been one of his all-time greatest segments. Any time we get to see Chris Hogan caress Guillermo, it’s going to be funny.