Bill Burr hilariously mocks Patriots loss with Conan O’Brien

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After the New England Patriots went down to the Philadelphia Eagles at the Super Bowl, funnyman Bill Burr went on Conan to have a good laugh about it.

Comedian Bill Burr is a really funny guy, but he sure wasn’t feeling happy after the Super Bowl!

The night after the Super Bowl, Burr came as a guest onto Conan O’Brien’s TBS talk show Conan. As always, he had a lot of funny things to say about various topics. But given what just happened on Sunday night, it wasn’t long before the focus of Burr and O’Brien’s conversation became the Super Bowl. And though both of these funnymen are from New England, there was no denying the disappointment they both felt in their home team.

Burr explains how he’d rather stay at home and close his curtains for a few days rather than come out on TV and smile a lot the next day. “I knew this was stupid to take this booking the day after the Super Bowl,” Burr laments. He insists he’s not happy at all, and complains about the lack of defense during the game among some other complaints.

The comedian tries to lighten the mood by joking about Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction from a few years back. But Burr has trouble preventing himself from venting about the game. He jokes about Tom Brady getting older, comparing him making a tackle to a dead body being thrown from a car. Burr’s clearly just venting his disappointment in the team, and once again tells Conan how hard it is to swallow it and pretend to be happy to promote what he’s doing on the show.

You can watch Burr’s bit in the embedded video below.

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Conan airs weeknights at 11 pm EST on TBS. How did you feel about the big loss the Patriots took on Sunday? Tell us your own opinions in the comments section below.