Conan O’Brien mocks Donald Trump botching God Bless America

From Conan on TBS
From Conan on TBS /

After video footage revealed Donald Trump doesn’t know the words to God Bless America, Conan O’Brien envisions him releasing an album of patriotic songs.

Donald Trump really fumbled his way through “God Bless America” recently, but what if there was more where that came from?

Last night on Conan O’Brien’s TBS show Conan, the late night funnyman brought up the embarrassing fiasco. Using video footage, O’Brien showed his viewers the humorous moment where the president tried to lip sync his way through the song, clearly not knowing the words, before giving up entirely and just keeping his mouth shut. It’s funny to watch, but certainly humiliating for Trump himself.

For O’Brien, however, it’s really funny, and it leads into an amusing comedy bit. He jokes that the White House has responded to the criticism by releasing a full album of Trump singing other patriotic songsinsisting Trump knows the words to all of them. Of course, all it really serves to prove is that he’s just as clueless with all of those, too.

What follows is a series of audio bytes with a Trump impersonator singing various patriotic songs. “My country is a tree,” he begins, singing to the tune of “My Country, tis of Thee.” For the other songs, if he’s not just making up words as he goes along, he just starts humming along to the beat of the song. It’s hilariously on point, as the impersonator totally nails exactly how Trump handled the real-life rendition of “God Bless America.”

You can watch this segment in the YouTube video below!

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It’s too bad this is only a parody video. This would be a great gift to give to the Trump supporters in our lives on special holidays. For more from O’Brien, tune in when Conan airs on TBS weeknights at 11 p.m.