Barack Obama reveals what to expect from new Netflix projects

Netflix logo, via Netflix
Netflix logo, via Netflix /

News of Barack Obama and wife Michelle partnering up with Netflix to produce video content for the service is making headlines, and here’s what to expect.

Barack Obama is going straight from the White House to the world of Netflix.

As reported across the internet, the Obamas have signed a multiyear deal with Netflix to produce original video content. Of course, Obama critics were quick to threaten the cancellation of their Netflix accounts, completely unhappy with seeing a politician they don’t like striking a deal with the service. Others are looking forward to the new shows the Obamas will be developing.

In any case, what will these new shows be about? Well, according to TubeFilter, Barack says the goal is for them to “tell stories.” Ignoring politics to maintain a positive message, the idea is to lift people up, “identifying people doing amazing work.” The Netflix platform gives the Obamas the opportunity to bring some attention to some real-life heroes who deserve the recognition.

Certain issues such as race and gender equality will also be addressed. It’s another way for the Obamas to use their resources to help improve the world and highlight the most remarkable people. Not everyone will be happy with it as political opinions mean there will always be critics of the Obamas. But for the rest of us willing to set that aside to watch some uplifting stories, this actually sounds like a great idea.

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No word yet on when the net content from the Obamas will be premiering on the service. Stay tuned for more info.