Is Real Time with Bill Maher on tonight, April 27th, 2018?

Bill Maher, via HBO
Bill Maher, via HBO /

Could we see an all new episode of Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO tonight, or will there be a repeat episode in its place? We have all the info here!

Last week, Bill Maher rung in 4/20 with a special episode of his HBO series Real Time. An admitted pot smoker, Maher took the opportunity to warn Democrats that Republicans were smelling the money to be made in marijuana legalization. He suggested the left use it as a wedge issue to help give them an edge in the upcoming elections.

Will Maher continue to make headlines this week on an all new episode of the show? Well, I’ve got good news for you. Yes, in fact, there is an all new episode premiering tonight! So if you can’t be there when it airs, be sure to set that DVR!

Confirmed by HBO will be a good selection of guests for the panel discussion. Ronan Farrow, Ross Douthat, Ian Bremmer, Ana Marie Cox, and John Podhoretz are all confirmed for the program. They will be joining Maher with his new biting discussion on what’s been happening.

So what will Maher tackle tonight? Certainly the big news coming out of the meeting between North and South Korea is going to come up. But the president’s Twitter tantrums and other gaffes made lately are likely to be touched on too, so expect Donald Trump to come up.

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New episodes of Real Time with Bill Maher air Friday nights on HBO at 10 p.m. EST. Be sure to tune in!