Stephen Colbert highlights Donald Trump’s awkward day with Emmanuel Macron

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The French President visited the White House yesterday to meet with Donald Trump, and as Stephen Colbert shows, it couldn’t have been any more awkward.

Yesterday was not the best day for the president of the United States.

Last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the late night funnyman brought some clips with him to air during his opening monologue. With French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife visiting the White House, cameras were everywhere to catch the two leaders together. But this also meant that there would be plenty of footage to capture the most awkward moments from the day.

First, things get off to an awkward start in the morning when Donald Trump tried to go in for a kiss on the French First Lady. Because of the brim of her hat, Trump is forced to kiss the air several inches away from her cheek. “Saved by the hat!” Colbert jokes, adding, “That is more than a hat, that is a defensive perimeter.”

But things get only more uncomfortable from there. On camera, Trump is captured awkwardly trying to hold hands with Melania. Clearly, she doesn’t want to, despite the way he’s trying to pull her hand in with his pinky — you just have to see it to believe how strange it is. “You can’t blame her though. She watches 60 Minutes, she knows where that hand has been,” jokes Colbert.

You can watch the full bit in the YouTube video below, courtesy of CBS.

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As if the day wasn’t bad enough for Trump, it certainly doesn’t help to be mocked about it on Colbert’s highly-rated Late Show. There’s no doubt that the president is fuming. To see more from Colbert, tune in to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert when it airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. EST, only on CBS.