Saturday Night Live hilariously spoofs National School Walk Out Day

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A new sketch from Saturday Night Live shows one of the problems that might arise when teenagers plan to take part in National School Walk Out Day.

Well, that’s one way to stop a walk out…

Last night on Saturday Night Live, a parody segment took aim at the controversial National School Walk Out Day. Across the United States, teenagers in high schools planned a specific time to “walk out” in protest to demand changes to current gun laws. They certainly have their supporters, but they also have their critics, and it’s been a complete hot button issue in recent weeks.

In the SNL sketch, one student (John Mulaney) is praised for his part in organizing their school’s walk out. Just before they’re set to begin, however, he gets some attention from a female classmate that, well, causes a certain physical reaction with him. It leaves him unable to stand, so as not to reveal his “condition” to the other students. That’s a problem when they’re all demanding he stand up immediately to lead their walk out!

“Instead of doing a walk out, how about we do a lie down?” Mulaney asks. He explains that they can just writhe around on the floor until the problem is gone. But no matter what suggestions he throws out, the other students keep up the pressure, and things just only get more awkward from there!

Watch the full hilarious segment in the YouTube video below.

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