Mike Pence’s children’s book outsold by John Oliver’s parody book

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After the Pence family put out a children’s book starring their family bunny, John Oliver released a parody version of it, which is selling more copies.

This certainly can’t be sitting very well with Mike Pence!

On Sunday night, John Oliver took to his HBO series Last Week Tonight to verbally dissect the vice president. Among with many issues with Pence, Oliver highlighted the extreme homophobia of the politician. After which, Oliver revealed that Pence’s family is releasing a children’s book starring their family pet, Marlon Bundo.

Sensing an opportunity, Oliver put two and two together. On the program, he revealed that he was releasing his own book about Marlon Bundo. The difference is that, in Oliver’s story, the rabbit falls in love with another boy bunny. Oliver showed the story to his viewers on the show, which is humiliating enough for Pence, but it only gets worse!

According to The Daily Beast, Oliver’s book — A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo — became Amazon’s No. 1 seller. Comparatively, the real version of the book — Marlon Bundo’s Day in the Life of the Vice President — was several spots behind, ranking in at No. 6. On top of that, Oliver’s book was able to achieve a five-star rating, while the Pence book carries a miserable one and a half stars. I haven’t talked to Pence, but I can guarantee that the VP is absolutely fuming right now!

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To purchase a copy of Oliver’s book, you can do so at Amazon and at bookstores everywhere. For more of Last Week Tonight, catch the Emmy-winning show Sunday nights on HBO.