John Oliver destroys Mike Pence with mock children’s book

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver via HBO
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver via HBO /

John Oliver took to Last Week Tonight to set his sights on Vice President Mike Pence, culminating in a hilarious book parody starring Pence’s pet bunny.

HBO‘s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has certainly spent a lot of time talking about the buffoonery of Donald Trump, but last night, it was time for Mike Pence to feel the burn. In last night’s new episode, Oliver devoted the majority of the program to shutting down the vice president, and for so many Americans, it was beautiful to see.

Kicking things off, Oliver explains why it’s important to take a moment to talk about Pence. As we’ve seen, Trump doesn’t hold back when it comes to firing people in the White House. However, according to law, Pence is the one person in his team he’s not able to fire. Pence is guaranteed his spot in the White House, and as Oliver wants his viewers to know, that’s pretty worrisome.

Oliver then goes on to deliver a complete verbal take down of the vice president. He nails him for many things, from his master skills at dodging question to his apparent sexism and homophobia. For what it’s worth — Oliver does promise at the start of the show that he’ll say something nice about Pence by the end. He does technically keep his promise, noting that he likes Pence’s pet rabbit.

Humorously enough, Oliver then uses the odd children’s book released from the Pence family about their pet bunny to cap off the bit. Oliver uses the premise to produce a parody story for the Last Week Tonight viewers, and it’s truly the funniest thing you’ll see all week.

You can watch the full segment in the YouTube video below.

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