Bill Maher takes on Donald ‘Rain Man’ Trump in Real Time monologue

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On last night’s new episode of Real Time, Bill Maher set his sights on the proposed meeting between Kim ‘Rocket Man’ Jong Un and Donald ‘Rain Man’ Trump.

After a week of rather interesting headlines, fan of Bill Maher were looking forward to last night’s Real Time. As expected, Maher didn’t disappoint, going on the offensive in his opening monologue. And he really took it to President Donald Trump regarding the big stories coming out this week regarding the commander-in-chief.

First, Maher addresses the reports that Kim Jong Un is proposing a meeting with the leader of the leader of the United States — “But Putin wasn’t available, so Trump’s going,” Maher jokes. The Real Time host goes on to call the meeting dangerous, because we’re dealing with a family that’s reneged on everything they’ve ever signed. “And Kim Jong Un can’t be trusted either!” he jokingly adds.

Maher actually says that as crazy as the idea sounds, it might actually work. He tells his viewers that this might be the one thing the president is actually able to pull off, as they just have so much in common. “They have the same interests: flattery, celebrity, tyranny,” he says, before going through a list of other ways the two are alike. That of course includes their “inexplicable haircuts.”

Maher continues to shred the president in his monologue, and you can watch him tell it best in the YouTube video below.

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New episodes of Real Time with Bill Maher air Friday nights at 10 PM EST on HBO.