Stephen Colbert hilariously parodies Ted Cruz campaign song

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After playing a portion of a laughably bad parody song released by Ted Cruz’s campaign, Stephen Colbert grabbed a mic and hilariously parodied the parody.

Ted Cruz is certainly no “Weird Al” Yankovic!

Last night on The Late Show, host Stephen Colbert spoke about the Texan senator lovingly referred to by Donald Trump as “Lyin’ Ted.” Cruz will have his seat threatened by Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke, and already, Cruz is grasping at straws to discredit his competition.

To start, the Cruz campaign has released a parody song intent on slamming O’Rourke. It takes several shots at him, including a swipe for going by “Beto” instead of using his birth name, Robert. But as pointed out by Chris Cuomo, Cruz himself goes by Ted although his name is actually Rafael. Cruz says that parts of the song just require having a sense of humor, and to that, Colbert jokes that “the rest of it is just awful.”

However, what bothers Colbert the most about the song was how it rhymes “man” with “man” right there at the start. That said, it came to Colbert to do his own version of this parody song in response to Cruz. His version starts much the same way, only it keeps up the theme of actually rhyming. So after Colbert sings that you can’t run in Texas while being a liberal man, he rhymes it in every way he can, from talking about Spokane to referencing Tarzan.

Watch Colbert sing his version in the YouTube video below.

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