Barack and Michelle Obama to launch new TV shows on Netflix

via Bravo TV
via Bravo TV /

The former president and first lady of the United States, Barack and Michelle Obama, are in talks to launch their own original TV shows on Netflix.

The current president is a former TV star, and now the former president is going to become a current TV star!

According to The New York Times, Barack Obama and his wife Michelle are in serious talks with the streaming giant Netflix. They’re working on a deal which would see the Obamas providing the service with multiple original TV shows for programming. It remains to be seen exactly which kinds of shows the Obamas will deliver, as well as the format and episode length and number.

It’s noted that the Obamas are not using this as a political platform, so Donald Trump is not expected to be the focus of any of the shows. Rather, the goal is to air positive and inspirational stories. So don’t expect to see any wars between Trump and Obama, as the avenue will be used only for uplifting stories instead.

That’s not to say Trump likely won’t take some swipes at the Obamas on his Twitter account, should these shows come to fruition. That’s what he’s known for doing the most as the president of the United States. But if the response from the Obamas is to just continue to ignore him, then I think they’re doing good.

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Stay tuned for more updates on this Obama TV series, and we will report more information as it becomes available!