Jimmy Fallon interviews ‘Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ on Tonight Show

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During his monologue on last night’s Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon interviewed a Sarah Huckabee Sanders impersonator about the frequent White House firings.

And we can hardly tell the difference!

Last night on The Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon brought in a special guest or his new monologue. Upset with how Sanders seems to dodge questions in press conferences, Fallon tells her she’s there to clear some things up for him. With that, Fallon gets to asking questions, starting with asking her to explain why there have been so many firings in the White House lately.

“Look, Jimmy, it has been such an amazing year. Valentine’s Day, and now it’s March,” Sanders rambles, dodging the question. Clearly, Fallon isn’t going to get the answer he’s looking for about the firings. So, he switches gears and then asks her to discuss the Russia investigation by the FBI. Only, this leads Sanders to do the same thing, going on a tangent about how giraffes are endangered.

Fallon has no choice but but move onto another question, this time about the Stormy Daniels affair. In response, Sanders starts belting out lyrics from The Sound of Music. Before Fallon knows it, she’s breaking out in song, and because she’s definitely not going to reveal anything real, Fallon is forced to end the interview. The sad thing is, it’s not too far off from how real press conferences with Sanders seem to go!

You can watch the monologue in the YouTube video below.

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