Jimmy Kimmel brutally responds to Donald Trump’s anti-Oscars tweet

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President Donald Trump attempted to take a shot at how low-rated the Oscars ceremony on Sunday night was, and host Jimmy Kimmel had a scathing response.

Jimmy Kimmel just beat Donald Trump at his own game!

Over on Twitter, Trump put out a tweet with the intention of trashing Kimmel and everyone else who was a part of this years Oscars ceremony. In the tweet, Trump says that the event was the lowest rated in Oscars history, noting it’s because we don’t have “Stars” anymore. Of course, Trump half-jokingly points out himself as being the only one left, never passing up a chance to put himself over.

In response, Kimmel mentions how ratings across the board have been consistently going down since the advent of Netflix. It’s far from the Oscars to be the only TV program affected. Still, as the host of the event, Kimmel still felt it necessary to respond to Trump’s claim. To that, he merely tweeted out this response from his own Twitter account:

"“Thanks, lowest rated President in HISTORY.”"

Kimmel adds that he’s surprised Trump doesn’t care about the Oscars. After all, shouldn’t he be a big fan of the Oscar-winning film The Shape of Water? Because, as Kimmel explains, it’s the story about a monster who has sex with a woman who’s unable to talk about it. It’s basically Trump’s “life story”, jokes Kimmel, further roasting the orange president.

You can watch the full bit in the YouTube video below.

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