John Cena and Jimmy Fallon transform into teenage girls for ‘Ew!’

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For a hilarious new ‘Ew!’ segment on last night’s Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon and WWE star John Cena became teenage girls Sara and Addison.

Perhaps John Cena is a bit too much of a natural in this role!

Last night, the wrestling superstar appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon as a guest. It opened the door for Fallon to include Cena in a new “Ew!” segment. For those unaware, this is a segment where Fallon dresses up as a teenage girl named Sara to have “girl talk,” typically bringing in a guest to do the gimmick with him.

Last night, it was Cena’s turn, and he didn’t disappoint. Playing a girl named Addison, Cena claims he had just hit a growth spurt, to explain why he (Addison) is so large. Addison describes being sought after by the football team, proving how great she’s become at throwing things by smashing Sara’s vase with a pillow.

The two then go into full teenage mode by reading through a text chat between Addison and her crush Brayden. Soon after, Sara suggests they do some dancing auditions, and before you know it, both Fallon and Cena are dancing on the stage in full girl garb. It’s certainly a far cry from the persona Cena takes on when he’s on WWE programming, but it’s definitely hilarious!

You can watch the full bit in the YouTube video below.

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