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Ahead of the 2018 midterm elections taking place later this year, Trevor Noah took to the Daily Show to talk about who’s hoping to win congressional seats.

Last night on The Daily Show, host Trevor Noah spoke about what it means now that it’s 2018. The midterm elections will be going down in November, and it’s going to be very interesting. Because Donald Trump has such low approval numbers with Americans, the Democrats will be coming into the midterms with tons of momentum.

As Noah explains, many Republicans have chosen to retire rather than face such a tough battle. It’s creating a lot of vacant seats, leaving the door open for some familiar faces to gun for them. This includes in Utah, where former presidential nominee Mitt Romney has announced a senatorial campaign.

Interestingly enough, Bernie Sanders’ son Levi is another person who’s announced a campaign, this one for Congress in New Hampshire. Noah plays a clip of Levi speaking about his campaign, and it’s astonishing how much he looks and sounds like his father. “Bernie Sanders, you ARE the father!” Noah says in his best Maury Povich voice.

Noah then moves on to Stacey Dash, the Clueless actress who’s also running for the House as a Republican. The Daily Show host says he knows she’s not actually trying to win, saying this is just a publicity stunt to help her with her next gig. “We better pray that Vladimir Putin isn’t a big fan of Clueless,” he jokes, inferring the Russians would sabotage the election to help her win if he was.

You can watch the full segment in the YouTube video below.

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