Stephen Colbert shuts down the NRA on last night’s Late Show

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The Late Show host Stephen Colbert seems delighted that members of the NRA are losing their ‘perks’ from various companies after the Parkland tragedy.

Because of what happened in Florida, many Americans are demanding changes in the country be made with gun laws. The issue is such a divided one that legally it doesn’t seem we’re going to be able to implement any changes anytime soon. But that doesn’t mean the NRA isn’t still taking a big hit…

As revealed by Stephen Colbert last night on The Late Show, public pressure has gotten to some of the NRA’s sponsors. Companies like Best Western, United Airlines, MetLife, and many others have begun pulling their perks and discounts for NRA members. In other words, they can keep their assault rifles, but they’re going to be shelling out some more cash the next time they stay at Best Western!

Still, there’s a silver lining here, as Colbert jokes. “If you go into almost any business and show them your gun, you get stuff for free,” he goes on. Colbert also describes not even knowing that these perks existed. He imagines Olive Garden having a special where if you “show your machete, get free spaghetti.”

Still, not every company has given in to the boycott attempts. FedEx is maintaining their discount for NRA members, letting them save money on package shipping. Perhaps they should use a new slogan, Colbert says, addressing their love for the NRA: “Gun owners, frustrated by high shipping costs? Don’t go postal, go FedEx!”

You can watch Colbert say it best in the video below.

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