God visits Stephen Colbert to address the NRA

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To address the issue of gun control and how the NRA uses His name to justify their gun ownership, God himself visited Stephen Colbert on The Late Show.

Where does the big guy upstairs really stand on the issue of gun violence in America? Well, the almighty one visited The Late Show last night to let everyone know His thoughts!

Let’s back up for just a moment. During Stephen Colbert’s monologue, the topic of gun violence and possible control measures was discussed. There’s so much to say about the topic, that when Colbert came back from his commercial break following the monologue, he jumped straight back into the issue, as there was more to say.

Colbert lamented how too many politicians are bought and paid for by the NRA. With so much money being filled into their political campaigns in the form of “donations,” these lawmakers clearly have something at stake when it comes to guns. Therefore, it was no surprise when the Florida House voted to shut down the motion to discuss a ban on assault rifles — though they were still quick to declare pornography as dangerous.

But Colbert took exception to comments from the NRA that having these weapons is a God-given right. While Stephen wondered if this was true, “God” Himself suddenly appeared on the ceiling of the building. God tells Stephen he is pro-gun, because he likes how easy it was for Him to get one Himself. “No background check, and I’m a vengeful loner with a messiah complex!” He adds.

You can watch this bit in the video below, courtesy of CBS on YouTube.

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