Stephen Colbert responds to Donald Trump calling for more guns

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With Donald Trump saying that the solution to the epidemic of gun violence is to add more guns, Stephen Colbert is stepping in to shut the president down.

The issue of gun control is certainly getting much more serious, though Stephen Colbert is doing his part to keep things just a little bit lighter!

Last night on The Late Show, Colbert brought up how gun violence is what everyone’s been talking about lately. The hot button issue has those in the nation pretty divided. Many people have their ideas on ways to address the issue, including the president of the United States. But there’s one idea that Donald Trump won’t entertain — actually having fewer guns. And based on the way Trump’s handling the Parkland tragedy so far, it’s clearly evident he’s not the right man for the job.

In his monologue, Colbert shows how Trump attended a listening session with surviving students of the massacre. Unfortunately for the president, cameras captured what was written on a cheat sheet he had brought with them to remind him how to speak to the students. This included a reminder to tell the students, “I hear you.” Needless to say it’s hard to accept his empathy as genuine when he has to be prompted to tell the survivors that he’s listening to them…

Colbert moves on to show how Trump claims he has many ideas on how to quickly solve this issue. One thing he’s suggested is arming the teachers in the school. Colbert questions how the budget is going to be able to handle that, joking that while kids won’t be getting copies of To Kill a Mockingbird, they’ll be getting something that can “kill any bird” instead.

You can watch the monologue in the YouTube video below.

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