Stephen Colbert responds to Robert Mueller’s new indictments

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Donald Trump was quick to go on the defensive after Robert Mueller announced several indictments in his Russia investigation, and Stephen Colbert responds.

The president is professing his innocence, but Stephen Colbert is says not so fast…

Last night on The Late Show, Colbert brought up the recent news stemming from the FBI investigation into Russia. Mueller’s office is bringing indictments to several Russian nationals due to their manipulation of the 2016 presidential election. We’re finally seeing some results, with evidence coming to light about the Russians’ attempts to defraud the system.

Of course, Donald Trump was quick to jump on Twitter to offer his reply. As of now, no Americans (including those involved in Trump’s campaign) have been hit with any charges. But while Trump is acting like he’s out of the woods, Colbert is reminding him that the investigation is still ongoing! To act like it’s over now would be like walking out in the middle of Star Wars rather than waiting to see what happens in the end.

As Colbert points out, Trump would go on to tweet 18 times about the news. The president obviously falls back on his claims about the “fake news media” just trying to make him look bad. But Colbert isn’t buying it, going into his hilarious Trump impression to “admit” that he’s lying about the whole thing, and is even lying right now.

You can watch this bit in the YouTube video below.

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