John Oliver obliterates Donald Trump in Last Week Tonight return

John Oliver via HBO
John Oliver via HBO /

John Oliver returned to Last Week Tonight on HBO last night, and in his first show of Season 4, Oliver breaks down how the world hates Donald Trump.

Late night’s funniest funnyman hasn’t skipped a beat!

Last night on Last Week Tonight, John Oliver kicked off the fourth season of his Emmy winning program. Season 3 concluded with a brutal take down of the president, focusing on his presidency. Now, Season 4 starts with Oliver roasting Donald Trump once again, but this time, the angle is on his relationship with the rest of the world.

So where does Oliver begin? Africa, of course. Oliver reminds viewers about the time Trump referred to Africa as a “sh-thole” along with Haiti and El Salvador. The Last Week Tonight host mentions how we know how Americans reacted to the comments, but how did the people who actually live in these places take them? Oliver shows clips of several citizens of foreign countries showing offering their thoughts, with one of them saying Trump himself is “a sh-t.”

And that’s just one example. Oliver goes on to talk about other incidents, such as Trump claiming Korea used to be a part of China (false) and that Germany owes NATO tons of money (also false). And let’s not forget the time he retweeted hateful anti-Muslim videos from a white supremacist group in the UK, which obviously didn’t sit too well with the people there, either.

In the video, Oliver weighs in on Trump’s relationship with the rest of the world, proving how people abroad don’t like him anymore than most Americans do. You can watch the full segment in the YouTube video below.

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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver airs Sunday nights on HBO. Are you as happy as we are to see him back on late night TV?