Stephen Colbert is very impressed with Parkland shooting survivors

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Surviving students from the Parkland tragedy are taking it upon themselves to get gun laws changed, and Stephen Colbert is fully supporting them.

If Americans aren’t doing enough to protect the children in the country, then the kids are going to have to do it themselves…

Last night on The Late Show, host Stephen Colbert spoke about the horrendous shooting which occurred last week. Seventeen people lost their lives that day to a disturbed young man with an AR-15. As it turns out, the perpetrator legally owned the weapon, bringing the topic of gun control right back to the forefront once again.

Colbert describes starting to feel helpless about the situation. He knows politicians aren’t going to do anything to stop it. To prove that point, he shows a clip of Marco Rubio addressing the Parkland tragedy. Rubio stresses how new gun laws are essentially pointless as criminals looking to commit a crime will just do so anyway.

In response, Colbert clarifies Rubio’s position. Though he’s a lawmaker, he’s basically just saying that making laws would be pointless. “Then why do we need you?” Colbert straight up asks. “It seems like a houseplant would do a better job — and would probably need a little less water.”

Colbert then moves on to talking about the one hope he’s left with concerning positive change. He highlights how many of the surviving students are organizing walkouts and a Washington march to make their voices heard. Sadly, the Florida House voted down a notion for an assault weapons ban. But Colbert’s hopeful the kids won’t give up, as the country belongs to the young people in this country. If we can’t help the people of the future, they’re going to have to help themselves.

Watch this full moving segment in the YouTube video below.

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