Is Real Time with Bill Maher on tonight, February 16th, 2018?

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Bill Maher has been killing it on his weekly HBO series Real Time, but will he be back with an all new episode tonight? We have all the info here.

We’ve made it to another Friday, and if you’re a fan of Real Time with Bill Maher, that can only mean one thing. There just might be an all new episode of the show tonight, barring Maher taking a hiatus. So, will the late night funnyman be back on tonight with a new episode, or will HBO be airing a repeat?

Good news! Yes, Maher is back on with an all new episode tonight. No repeats! We’ll have our guy back on the air tonight to tell us how it is in the way that only he can! As fans of the show like us know, it just wouldn’t be Friday night without Bill Maher, so I’m happy to spread the good news along.

Unfortunately, it’s likely going to be a bit of a somber show. The recent school shooting in Florida is going to have to be addressed. I’m not going to bother getting political in this article, but there’s no way to avoid the topic of gun control in the United States. In any case, what happened is horrible, and there’s no doubt that Maher is not going to hold back his candid thoughts on the situation.

Of course, Maher will have some guests joining him for his panel as well. Salman Rushdie, Vicente Fox, Anna Deavere Smith, and Fran Lebowitz are all confirmed to be on the show.

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Real Time with Bill Maher airs Friday nights on HBO.