Stephen Colbert and John Oliver invade each other’s personal space

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The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert and Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver got a bit up close and personal for a segment on last night’s Late Show.

Last night, Stephen Colbert and John Oliver literally got, really, really close!

While waiting for Last Week Tonight to return to HBO this month, John Oliver has been spending some time on The Late Show. As the two late night funnymen have known each other for many years, Colbert thought it’d be great to do a segment together where the two climb into a “personal space” box. And by that, they both literally stick their heads into one cardboard box, their faces just mere inches away from each other.

Throughout the interview, the level of discomfort between the two is clear. Yet Colbert saunters on, asking some of the most trivial questions he can. After asking Oliver how long he’s been in the States, Oliver replies that it’s been 11 years, before noting that it feels like their hair is starting to become intertwined as they’re that close together. It’s awkward, but it’s still so fun and hilarious that both men can’t help but laugh uncontrollably for a big portion of the segment.

You can watch this bit in the YouTube video below, courtesy of CBS.

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