Westworld on HBO: When does Season 2 premiere?

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Season 2 of the HBO series Westworld will finally be premiering on the network this spring, and we have all of the details about the episode here.

This spring, the park in Westworld will once again open its doors.

Straight from HBO, the official premiere date for Season 2 of the show is April 22, 2018. After a really long wait, the time we’ve all been waiting for at fans will finally arrive. We’re down to a few months left to go but at least we know which date to go ahead and mark down on the calendar!

Recently, it was suggested by an official website associated with the show that Delos has up to six parks including Westworld. It seems likely that Samurai World will be explored in Season 2, based on the namedrop shown in the Season 1 finale. Who knows if we’ll find out anything else about the other potential parks, but it’s interesting to know the show can go beyond Westworld if it needs to.

Check out the Season 2 trailer and official synopsis below.

Official synopsis:

"“Westworld isn’t your typical amusement park. Intended for rich vacationers, the futuristic park — which is looked after by robotic “hosts” — allows its visitors to live out their fantasies through artificial consciousness. No matter how illicit the fantasy may be, there are no consequences for the park’s guests, allowing for any wish to be indulged.”"

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Season 2 of Westworld will premiere on HBO on April 22, 2018. Are you excited for the show’s return?