Is Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on tonight, February 11th, 2018?

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Will there be an all new episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver airing tonight, February 11th, 2018? We have all of the details about the show.

Late night funnyman John Oliver is almost back!

For months, Oliver has been absent from our television screens. Surely the premiere for Season 5 of Last Week Tonight is due to come on any Sunday now. Will tonight be the night Oliver finally comes back on?

Bad news. There won’t be a new episode tonight. But the good news is that we only have to wait just one more week. Feb. 18 is in fact the season premiere for Season 5! After a long wait, the Emmy winner will finally return to HBO to speak about what’s been happening in the way that only he can.

More good news concerning the future of the show is that HBO renewed it last year for several more seasons, extending Oliver’s run until at least 2020. Fans of the show should be happy to know that he’s not going anywhere. The same can also be said for Oliver’s HBO colleague Bill Maher, who saw his own show Real Time renewed into 2020 as well.

Ahead of the Season 5 premiere of Last Week Tonight, Oliver spent some time hanging out with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show. You can watch an interview from that show below.

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New episodes of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver will air Sunday nights on HBO at 11 pm EST.