Seth Meyers can’t stop laughing about Donald Trump’s bald spot

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Late Night’s Seth Meyers wanted to get petty by having a good laugh over Donald Trump’s bald spot, which was recently revealed by a gust of wind.

Seth Meyers will straight up admit it’s petty to laugh so much about the president’s unfortunate bald spot he tries so desperately to keep hidden. But that’s not stopping him from doing it anyway!

Let’s back up for a moment and fill you in. Recently, Donald Trump was boarding an airplane when a gust of wind attacked that blonde mop on his head. Cameras were rolling as the blown away hair revealed a bald spot underneath that you can’t unsee once you see it. It’s no secret that the president goes through great lengths to conceal his aging, so I can only imagine the utter embarrassment he must be feeling.

Even worse, Seth Meyers is adding insult to injury by putting Trump on blast for it on national television. Taking to Late Night, the funnyman used the footage for a segment he calls “Let’s Get Petty!” And after showing the clip, he dives into a series of scathing jokes to completely mock the president. Some of these burning zingers include:

“Well I guess there’s one draft you couldn’t dodge!”

“Hey, Trump, where you going… bald?”

“And you thought CNN was giving you bad coverage.”

Honestly, it might be petty, but it’s totally hysterical. You can watch the bit yourself in the YouTube video below.

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