Stephen Colbert blasts Fox News over botched Trump coverage

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The news about Donald Trump attempting to fire Robert Mueller really put Sean Hannity and Fox News in a tough spot, as Stephen Colbert pointed out.

Reporting anything bad about President Donald Trump always puts Fox News in a struggle!

Of course, the recent revelation about Trump attempting to fire Robert Mueller is making waves in the headlines. As this certainly isn’t good news for Trump’s credibility, it put the people at Fox News in a tough position. And through Sean Hannity, we would see the biggest example of this internal struggle.

Last night on The Late Show, host Stephen Colbert spoke about the Mueller revelation and what it means. He gets a kick at how quick Trump supporters are to make excuses for him. One of the first to come to his aid, of course, was Hannity, who initially swore up and down that this must have been a “fake news” story, as his own sources couldn’t confirm it.

Of course, the story was confirmed before Hannity’s show was even over. This left him no choice but to actually admit to being wrong, which is perhaps quite satisfying for the rest of us to see. Hannity begrudgingly admits that, yeah, Trump did try to fire Mueller, but apparently, should still have the right to. And this whiplash hits Colbert so hard, that when it cuts back to him in the studio, he’s even wearing a neckbrace!

You can watch this bit in the YouTube video below.

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