Bill Maher talks Donald Trump trying to fire Robert Mueller

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After the recent revelation that Donald Trump attempted to fire Robert Mueller, Bill Maher was quick to take the president down on Real Time last night.

Perhaps somebody needs to remind the president that he’s no longer on The Celebrity Apprentice.

Last night on Real Time with Bill Maher, host Bill Maher was quick to responds to the latest Donald Trump revelation. At the top of his monologue, Maher speaks about the reports that Trump tried to fire Robert Mueller, the head of the special counsel appointed to investigate him. Maher jokes that the Trumpster only backed off once he was reminded that this isn’t a television show.

The Real Time host goes on to have a laugh over Trump’s excuse for firing Mueller. Apparently, Mueller used to be a member at one of Trump’s golf courses, and after quitting, he never got his money back. “Seriously. So, this is not over Putin, it’s over putting,” Maher quips. “First, Stormy Daniels, now Mueller? Is there anyone Trump hasn’t f–ked on a golf course?” he adds.

Worse for Trump, as Maher points out, this attempt to fire Mueller could play very well into this same investigation as to whether Trump is obstructing justice. Maher says that Trump’s actions are so moronic, that he’s picturing Donald Trump, Jr. saying to himself, “Gee, I thought I was the family dips–t.”

You can watch the monologue in the YouTube video below.

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