Seth Meyers: Was Donald Trump paying Stormy Daniels illegal?

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The scandal involving Donald Trump paying out “hush money” to keep Stormy Daniels from talking about their affair may be illegal, as Seth Meyers explained.

Donald Trump surely wants this Stormy Daniels scandal to go away, but as it turns out, the plot is only thickening…

On Late Night, Seth Meyers brought up the infamous scandal about Trump allegedly paying Daniels hush money. Not only has this been an outright embarrassment for Trump, but as Meyers explains, it may have violated federal law as well.

This story just keeps getting better… or worse, if you’re seeing it from Trump’s point of view. With laws potentially being broken here, Meyers is feeling amused that someone from the justice department will interview Daniels. He imagines Jeff Sessions being the lucky one,

Meyers explains that Trump’s lawyer set up a shell company to discreetly pay Daniels her money. If this money was meant to help Trump’s campaign, then it would count as an “in-kind donation.” That means that it should have been reported (which it wasn’t). Meyers shows how Daniels was planning to go public about the affair previously, but suddenly changed her mind. Suspiciously, this was at the same time the shell company was created to give her a payout. Obviously, keeping a lid on this story helped Trump’s campaign a lot.

You can watch the full segment in the YouTube video below.

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