Jimmy Kimmel talks marital problems between Donald Trump and Melania

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After noticing Melania Trump cancelling plans to spend her 13th anniversary with Donald Trump, Jimmy Kimmel is questioning if there’s trouble in paradise.

Might there be some trouble brewing with the Trumps?

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel took to Jimmy Kimmel Live to speak about something peculiar happening with the First Family. Namely, Donald Trump and Melania just hit the 13 year anniversary mark for their wedding. But as much as Donald likes to tweet about everything else, he didn’t make a single public mention of his anniversary… and neither did Melania. Kimmel jokes that we should give Donald some slack, considering how hard it must be for him to keep track of all of these anniversaries from all these different wives.

Stranger yet, as Kimmel reveals, Melania suddenly cancelled her planned trip to spend the day with Donald. Officially, it was said that Melania did this for some kind of scheduling reasons. “And because she hates him,” Kimmel jokingly adds, prompting a big applause.

Kimmel moves on to show a parody video ad for The Bachelor based on these revelations. Real footage of the show is displayed, and then guess who shows up? That’s right, Melania herself, looking for a new chance at love. The spoof is completely hilarious, though we can be sure the Trumpster himself is going to be fuming when he sees it.

You can watch the bit in the YouTube video below.

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