Gotham: Scarecrow to unleash more fear in Season 4

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Scarecrow is set to have a bigger presence on Gotham when Season 4 resumes, as episode synopses confirm the recurring guest star will be back.

The Scarecrow isn’t done horrifying Gotham City just yet!

As reported by, Scarecrow’s run on the series isn’t over yet. The fear-inducing Batman baddie will be back when Season 4 resumes this winter. Earlier this season, we saw Jonathan Crane’s transformation into the character, which came after overdosing on too much of his father’s fear toxin. After becoming Scarecrow, he sauntered off into Gotham City, and his whereabouts have been unknown since.

Now we know that Scarecrow is coming back, and he’s now being referred to by FOX as a recurring guest star. This suggests he’ll have more of a presence in the back half of the season. But as he’s certainly one of the more interesting villains on the show, it’s going to be a good thing to see the character explored.

The mid-season finale for Season 4 also confirmed another major villain would be having larger role in the back half. Jerome Valeska returned in the final moments of the episode, revealed to be sharing a cell in Arkham Asylum next to Penguin. The two will no doubt cook up some kind of wicked scheme to get themselves out of Arkham, leaving it to Jim (and possibly budding vigilante Bruce) to try and put them back in there.

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Season 4 of Gotham will resume this winter. Stay tuned for official updates after FOX confirms a release date!