Stephen Colbert is frightened by Donald Trump’s Disney robot

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Stephen Colbert took a look at the Donald Trump animatronic recently installed at Disney World, and the Late Show host was understandably horrified.

If the image of Donald Trump’s Disney World animatronic haunts you, you’re not alone!

Last night, Stephen Colbert returned to The Late Show, and he’s catching up on the things he’s missed during the holiday break. This includes the “presidential challenge coin” Trump has designed, which features his name on the front no fewer than three times. “In case you forgot his name mid-coin,” Colbert suggests.

After poking some fun at president about the coin, Colbert brings up Trump’s animatronic robot recently unveiled at Disney World’s Hall of Presidents. A large image of the freaky fake president’s face is shown on the screen, which nearly causes Colbert to jump out of his shoes. After a few shrieks, he jokes that he asked for a picture of Trump’s robot, not “Jon Voight after a chemical spill.”

“I know one sculptor who did not vote for him,” Colbert continues, noting how disturbing the thing looks. The Late Night host then plays a spoof video depicting the Trump robot in action, showing the animatronic bashing the other presidents there like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. The sad part is it’s really not a stretch to imagine Trump really saying these things.

You can watch the bit in the YouTube video below.

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