Saturday Night Live takes on workplace sexual harassment in new sketch

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A new segment from Saturday Night Live takes on the hot button issue of sexual harassment in the workplace, with two men apologizing to their co-workers.

Last night, Saturday Night Live made some light out of how much sexual harassment has been dominating the headlines lately with guest host James Franco!

In a new segment, a group of employees in an office are gathered together for an apparent team meeting. It’s made apparent by the boss that this will be a meeting about sexual harassment and how there will be zero tolerance for it in the workplace. As a result, two employees have been fired: the CFO, Doug, whom everyone is happy to see go, and the front desk guy, Charlie, which seems to sadden the group.

Before they leave, however, both Doug (James Franco) and Charlie (Kenan Thompson) come out to apologize for their inappropriate actions. And that’s when things get a little weird. First, Doug apologizes to a co-worker for playfully referring to her as his “little honeybee”, to which he’s told how gross he is. To the same woman, Charlie talks about how she’d walk by, and he’d ask her “not to hurt nobody with that thing”. But the women all seem to find it amusing, which is bewildering to Doug.

From there, the double standards only turn up in volume, getting more and more awkward. You can watch the entire bit in the YouTube video below.

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