Gotham mid-season finale teaser shows return of Jerome

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A new teaser trailer for the mid-season finale of Gotham on FOX features the return of a familiar villain, the Joker-based Jerome Valeska.

Have you been missing Jerome on this season’s Gotham? The wait for his return is finally about to be over!

Online, the FOX network has released a teaser trailer for next Thursday night’s show, which will be the mid-season finale. After this episode the show will take a hiatus until 2018. But it’s going to go out on its break with a bang, as the teaser shows the return of Jerome!

We left off with Jerome at the end of last season, when he had an epic battle with Bruce Wayne. It ended with Jerome losing his face, in one of the most gruesome moments of the series thus far. But there was never any doubt that we’d see Jerome back again, with out without a face, and as the teaser trailer shows, that moment has arrived!

You can watch the video in the YouTube clip below.

The brief clip shows us many moments from the episode from our favorite heroes and villains, from Alfred, Jim, and Bruce to Penguin, Barbara, and more. But the most significant moment comes towards the end of the clip when we see a deranged, locked-up Jerome laughing maniacally to himself. I’m willing to bet everything I have that he’ll be escaping from those restraints pretty quickly…

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The mid-season finale of Gotham will air Thursday night on FOX. The back half of the season will resume on the network in the spring.