Stephen Colbert slams Donald Trump for using the ‘P-word’ again

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After Donald Trump allegedly referred to a young lady as “first rate p—y”, Stephen Colbert took to The Late Show to offer a hilarious response.

It seems that the president using the “P-word” isn’t just limited to a single Access Hollywood bus ride with Billy Bush!

According to an interview with Donald Trump in Maximum Golf magazine from 2000, the Trumpster proved himself to be a lot more liberal with this language than he would claim more recently. Though Donald wrote off his infamous “Grab ’em by the p—y” comments as mere “locker room talk”, he won’t be able to use that same excuse for a published print interview!

Reportedly, Trump pointed out a young, female socialite to a journalist, then telling him, “There is nothing in the world like first rate p—y.” Initially, Colbert sarcastically jokes that perhaps Trump was referring to the British children’s TV show character, First Rate Pussy — a white kitty cat with a monocle. The art department even flashes humorous faux movie posters to go along with the joke.

Getting further into the story, Colbert reveals that the editor-in-chief of the publication smoothly changed the wording to say “first rate talent” instead. It prompts Colbert to say, “Wow, I gotta say, an editor that lacks the courage to run that quote is a real… talent.”

You can watch the bit in the YouTube video below.

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