Jeremy Piven sex scandal gets Wisdom of the Crowd the axe

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As a growing number of allegations of sexual misconduct pile up against Jeremy Piven, CBS is opting not to move forward with his show Wisdom of the Crowd.

Wisdom of the Crowd is coming to an end just as quickly as it began.

Over at TVLine, the news has broken that CBS will not be moving forward with a second episode of the Sunday night drama series. While all 13 episodes for Season 1 will still air, producers of the show were officially told that CBS will not be ordering any more new episodes. And thus, after the season finale, the show won’t be coming back for any more. Hopefully it doesn’t end on a cliffhanger…

This news comes after another woman has accused series star Jeremy Piven of sexual misconduct. This brings his total number of accusers up to four women. Given the trend going on with entertainers finally being held accountable for misconduct, the news of Piven’s show ending does not come as a major surprise.

Wisdom of the Crowd was not pulling in astronomical numbers, but the show was still sitting pretty comfortably. It seems that a second season would have been very likely if not for the Piven scandal forcing the network to bring it to a swift end.

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How do you feel about the end of Wisdom of the Crowd? Is it the right decision to end the show? Or does it make no difference to you either way? Tell us how you feel in the comments section below.