The Flash TV series will feature former pro wrestler Bill Goldberg

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After returning to the wrestling ring last year for a final run in WWE, retired wrestler Bill Goldberg is taking his next fight to CW’s The Flash.

Who’s next? Well, it may be the Flash!

According to ScreenRant, longtime wrestling fans may have a reason to tune in to The Flash if they’re not watching it already. Wrestling legend Bill Goldberg has been tapped to appear in an upcoming new episode of the series. As perhaps one of the most well known wrestlers from the late 80s and early 90s era, the name will definitely ring a bell for any wrestling fan.

Goldberg himself has taken to Twitter to confirm he will appear in two episodes of The Flash. It’s not yet known if he will be playing a villain or a hero. However, Goldberg says he’s doing the episodes for his boy, so his son must presumably be a big fan of the show. Or he just wants to see his dad start fighting supervillains now that he’s done with wrestlers.

In WCW, Goldberg made a name for himself with his undefeated streak that started to reach insane number. It led to his catch phrase of “Who’s next?” Goldberg’s popularity was so great that he quickly became one of the most popular wrestlers of the era, culminating in winning the WCW World Heavyweight Championship from Hulk Hogan on an episode of Monday Night Nitro.

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You can catch new episodes of Season 4 of The Flash Tuesday nights on the CW.