CBS fires Charlie Rose after sexual harassment allegations

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CBS has officially cut ties with TV personality Charlie Rose in the wake of mounting allegations of sexual harassment against him, firing him today.

Well, the news is now official: Charlie Rose is gone from CBS.

For those already aware of the news regarding Rose, this isn’t exactly a big shocker. Up to eight women have now accused Rose of sexual misconduct since the scandal first broke yesterday. Given today’s climate, a dismissal seemed inevitable, and according to ABC News, CBS has officially given Rose his walking papers.

Some of the allegations against Rose include claims that he made several unwanted sexual advances towards women. Rose would also allegedly expose himself or grope women on certain occasions. In light of the claims, CBS publicly released a statement confirming Rose’s dismissal from his PBS talk show.

From the official statement:

"“Despite Charlie’s important journalistic contribution to our news division, there is absolutely nothing more important, in this or any organization, than ensuring a safe, professional workplace.”"

Rose has since apologized for his behavior, noting he hears the women and feels embarrassed — he’s not denying any of the claims. And though this likely means the end of Rose’s professional career, it’s nice to see him address the allegations head on and take some responsibility. It’s not so easy for certain other celebrities in the same situation…

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There are no details yet on Rose’s replacement or what the network will end up doing next. Stay tuned for additional updates on this story.