Night of Too Many Stars: John Oliver roasts Colbert and Jon Stewart

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At Jon Stewart’s charity HBO program Night of Too Many Stars, John Oliver showed up soon after Stephen Colbert to blast his fellow late night funnymen.

Is this why John Oliver is the Emmy winning late night funnyman?

Last night, the legendary Jon Stewart hosted a live charity program on HBO known as Night of Too Many Stars. Many famous funny friends joined Stewart to help, including names like Adam Sandler, Robert DeNiro, Ben Stiller, Rob Corddry, Olivia Munn, and more.

Of course, a couple other late night legends also joined Stewart for the show. First, Stephen Colbert from The Late Show came out to berate Stewart. As Deadline reports, Colbert slammed Stewart for his “divisive” jokes after Stewart laid out some quips about blue vs. red politics.

But the highlight of the show came soon after when John Oliver himself then came out, complete with his Last Week Tonight desk. The funnyman slammed his colleagues hard by delivering this quip to Colbert:

"“You are doing more or less what I would expect for a man who serves up his nightly joke meatloaf to an audience full of unsuspecting tourists herded-in from Bubba Gump Times Square.”"

Oliver then followed up by saying that the only way to save this “s–t show” is with a “27-minute, exhaustively researched, commercial free, properly enunciated truth bomb.” Wonder who he’s referring to?

You can watch a highlight video of the event in the YouTube clip below.

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John Oliver will return in 2018 will all new episodes of Last Week Tonight on HBO. Stephen Colbert can be found on CBS on weeknights at 11:35 PM EST for new episodes of The Late Show. As for Stewart, you never know when and where he might show up… so stay tuned!