Saturday Night Live cold open takes on Donald Trump Jr. and WikiLeaks

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Donald Trump Jr. and brother Eric Trump meet with Julian Assange in last night’s cold open for the new Saturday Night Live episode.

Can you imagine Donald Trump’s sons meeting with Julian Assange to get some information from WikiLeaks? Saturday Night Live did so last night!

In the cold open for the new SNL episode, Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. found themselves as the target of a funny new sketch. Using Kate McKinnon as Julian Assange, the show theorizes how a meeting would go between him and the two Trump boys. And it’s even funnier than it sounds.

The sketch starts off in the vein of an investigative TV series. It provides the backstory of the situation, highlighting the details of Robert Mueller’s special investigation. That is, Mueller was appointed to lead his own investigation into the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia and WikiLeaks to influence the American election. Titled “The Mueller Files”, the sketch presents a “re-enactment” of a meeting which may have happened in a parking garage between Assange and Eric and Donald Trump Jr.

At first, only Don Jr. meets with Assange, saying Eric is waiting in the car, after being told to honk the horn if he gets too scared. Moments later, Eric joins the group for the discussion, noting Julian looks like Draco Malfoy. Don Jr. reminds Eric that making fun of people’s appearances is “Dad’s thing”, and the two get into their top secret meeting.

You can watch the entire sketch in the YouTube video below.

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