SNL: Chance the Rapper pleads ‘Come Back, Barack’ in R&B video

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On last night’s new episode of Saturday Night Live, host Chance the Rapper starred in a new mock R&B music video begging for Barack Obama to return.

Through song, Chance the Rapper is singing what most of the country is thinking!

Do you miss Barack Obama yet? Millions of Americans do. Ever since Donald Trump came into office, things in the country just look pretty bleak for a lot of people. Obama is now missed more than ever, and to say what everyone is thinking, Saturday Night Live put this sentiment into song.

On last night’s new episode, SNL presented a new music video in the style of late 90s R&B. Even the video itself is shown in standard format, really giving it that retro vibe. But what really captures it, of course, is the sound, which authentically sounds like a real R&B tune (minus the hysterical lyrics, of course).

In the video, guest host Chance the Rapper is the frontman of a group of three. Kenan Thompson and Chris Redd join him to make up the faux group of De-Von-Tre. “I’m in Hell dreaming about you and Michelle,” they sing, lamenting that although they know it’s selfish, they really need the former president to come back… because right now things are looking pretty bad.

You can watch the entire music video in the YouTube clip below.

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